Happy Polish Independence Day!

Happy Polish Independence Day!

Poland is Honestly Gorgeous!

Before I moved to Poland I didn’t have any real expectations of what I was going to find. This is my third year living in Poland and I can honestly say that it is a gorgeous country. I have tried to travel all over Poland in my time here and I still have more to see. Here are a few photos from around Poland.

It's Always Time for Ice Cream!

When I first moved here I noticed that people were always walking around eating ice cream. Time of day doesn’t matter. People here love to walk around the city and enjoy some ice cream!


I know this one is a little confusing because I can guarantee that churros are not native to Poland. BUT They have churros at almost all of their markets and they are so delicious! I just love churros with all my heart. One of my teacher friends follows this churro guy on Facebook so we can always find his churro truck when he is near us! 

I've Never Had A Better Manicure iN My Life

My nails have never looked better! I have always wanted to have great nails but it just hasn’t worked out in my favor. I don’t know what my nail ladies do but it is amazing! I have never walked out unsatisfied. Ever. Even right now I got my nails done three weeks ago and they look like they were just done recently. I am living in a dream world. 

It is So Safe

If you follow me on Insta then you know about the fog situation the other night. Basically, it was so foggy that you couldn’t see across the street. The streetlights also created this eerie orange glow everywhere. This was the first time I was creeped out walking home at night. AND I wasn’t even creeped out because I thought something bad might happened I just thought it felt like I was in some sort of horror movie. There are a lot of scary movies where heavy fog is a sign of something terrible. Plus, this happened right after Halloween when I watched a bit too many scary movies! It was just me being a scaredy cat! 

It is so safe to live here. I have never felt unsafe no matter the time of day or night. There also aren’t really unsafe parts that you need to stay away from like in some other cities. 

Travel is so Easy!

Once you’re in Europe traveling anywhere is so easy. In my time in Poland, I have been to numerous different places all over the world. The most recent places were Finland and Estonia. I love to travel and it is easy to do so here. We also have a great school calendar that allows for many holidays to travel. What more can a girl ask for? 

Purple are countries I have lived in and blue are countries that I have visited. There is still so much to see in Europe! 

I'm Living My Best Life!


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