Friday Five- Whew!

Friday Five- Whew!

This week went by so quickly that I had to look back at my photos and my texts with my sister to try to remember what happened! Here we go! 


Bring in the Guitar

My kids were just not getting vibrations and sound. We watched videos, we read stories, we did a few experiments… nothing. On Monday I ran to the music room before our science class and asked the music teacher if there were any instruments where kids could see vibrations. She handed me a guitar and I walked back to class. The kids were so excited about a guitar being in our classroom that I thought we might miss the point. Nope. After feeling the vibrations and seeing the vibrations on this guitar they got it!  


Out on a Tuesday

On Tuesday our entire teacher taxi headed out for drinks after school. By Tuesday afternoon it felt like we taught for 780 days straight. Some weeks are just like that. I don’t know why… I can’t even remember anything from Tuesday. We went out and we laughed and got into really messy conversations about politics but a fun time was had by all. Sometimes you need a night out in the middle of the week. 


Stacks of Books

If you follow me on instagram then you know about this. In my classroom I have sets of books for guided reading. They are in my own room. I can reach them without even standing up if I am sitting at my teacher table. BUT I never put books back. I pull them out for lessons with kids and then I pile them up. I pile them up until they are so out of control and then I am annoyed with myself and spend a whole prep putting them back where they belong. It did make me feel a little better when 100% of teachers who answered my insta poll said they also stacked instead of put away. I mean, you win some you lose some. 


The Messiest Desk

Things were so busy on Thursday. I found myself saying just put it on my table more times than I knew. When I finally walked back there (period 3, don’t judge) it was piled high with so much stuff. So much stuff! I tried and tried to clear it off but must admit that it was still a disaster when I left today. 


Opposite Day

At precisely 8:29 this morning I had had enough of opposite day. FYI our school day begins at 8:30. My kids were so crazy! I know that opposite day is so much fun as a grade 1 kid so I didn’t spoil their fun but I was dying all day long. Our schedule was put up in the reverse order and the cards were upside down. What was silly and funny at the beginning of the day was not so funny at the end of the day. Kids were wearing pants inside out and backwards. Kids were so goofy and laughed so much. BUT I was so proud of them when they said the only math we should do is turn around facts. If you don’t teach everyday math 3+4 is a turn around fact to 4+3. See what happened? Oh to be a first grader again! 

How was your week? Did it fly by or did it feel super long? I feel like this is the time of year where it either feels like a rush or it feels like a drag. Let me know in the comments below! 


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