Friday Five: Valentines Week

Friday Five: Valentines Week

This was the week before our February break and you could feel it. The kids were checked out and I was exhausted. 


Macaroni and Cheese

You know what I miss most about the USA? Target! But do you know what is second? Quality macaroni and cheese. I think a lot of American expats feel this way. On Sunday a bunch of teachers gathered and had a macaroni and cheese contest. 

Now, I thought I should try something new. I went to the store and got everything I needed and I started to cook. I cooked and cooked and my kitchen looked like a disaster… I’m not the neatest of chefs. I finally finished and tasted a little and it tasted plain. Plain old boring. I debated leaving my macaroni and cheese at home but I brought it to the party anyway. Mine did not take home any prizes but people did like it. 

We ate so much macaroni and cheese and then swapped the leftovers so I came home with almost the same amount I left with. It was delicious! 


The Pad Incident

So… recycling has been a focus of our school this year. Our grade 1 class has learned a lot about recycling and we wanted to put recycling bins in every classroom. Another class was doing the same thing. So… they hung signs on all the trash cans in the school asking people to think to see if they could recycle before putting in the trash. 

Anyway… they put up signs in the bathroom near the grade 1/2 classrooms that said something like don’t flush pads. We just completed a Words Their Way sort the week before with the short a word pad. The sort showed a picture of a pad of paper. Kids were super confused about why people would even have a pad in the bathroom. Why would they try to flush it? It is so innocent and so hilarious! 


Printing Gone Bonkers

I don’t know what the deal was but I tried to print some stories and they just kept coming out like this. Not cool printer, not cool! Like, all I want to do is print some books off so I am all planned for when we get back from break. Luckily it only did this a few times before printing the real deal! 


The Plague Sweeps Through Grade 1

On Thursday we had two students absent because they weren’t feeling well and then FOUR went home with a fever! FOUR KIDS! Can you believe it. It seemed like every time I looked up another kid was staring at me with huge, tearful eyes begging to go to the nurse. I’ve never had so many kids go home sick on the same day. Something is going around and hopefully I dodged the bullet so I can have an excellent vacation week. I hope whatever this is passes quickly so these kids can have a great holiday. 




This week seemed extra long but also seemed to fly by. I know that doesn’t make sense but maybe if you’re a teacher it makes sense. I’m heading out of Poland for a week of relaxing and fun travel! 

How was your week? I hope it was wonderful! 

How many kids have you ever had leave school sick on the same day? How worried should I be about catching this illness?



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