Friday Five: Teacher Friends

Friday Five: Teacher Friends

On Thursday evening I got a call from my sister informing me that my grandpa had passed away. I thought I would be ok to go into school. I knew that he wasn’t doing well and his passing didn’t come as a surprise. Plus I had already missed two Fridays in a row. First for a personal day and then because I was so sick. My assistant teacher was out and I just felt like I had to go in. I also thought I would be fine.

I sat down at my teacher table and that is when it hit me. I started to cry and then I couldn’t stop. I was sobbing so hard that I couldn’t breathe. The teachers at my school rallied around me to support me throughout the day. People took my subs and someone took my group at the assembly. Teachers made me coffee and looked after my class when I just needed a break. My class of first graders was wonderfully understanding and so kind to me all day long. Together we made it through. 

I could not be more grateful for the teachers at my school and so today’s Friday Five is all about our teacher friends! There is no better friend than a teacher friend. Here’s to all my teacher friends present and past who have supported me and helped me become the teacher I am today! 


My First Teacher Friends

I look like such a baby here! It was pajama day at school and we decided to continue our pajama day festivities out at a bar after school. Only teachers would find this perfectly acceptable behavior. 

My first teacher friends can take a lot of the credit for guiding me to become the teacher I am today. 


My Teacher Friends Who Tolerate & Encourage My Love of PD

This is my teacher friend Lindsey. She teaches ELL and I constantly email her for advice. She supports me with ELL strategies and I support her with Literacy and Math strategies. This photo was taken one weekend where I decided to bring literally all of my literacy resources to her house and put on a full professional development session so she could understand the workshop model classroom and better support ELLs in a this model! Seriously, it takes a teacher friend equally as devoted and crazy to tolerate this sort of endeavor. 


Teacher Friends Who Celebrate

Teacher friends can uplift and celebrate with you in ways that your other friends just don’t understand. I’ve only worked with teachers who celebrate each other successes and take time to celebrate together. These were the teachers who encouraged me to go for it when I mentioned teaching internationally.


International TeachinG Friends

Your international teaching friends are a little different than regular teacher friends. These people go through so much with you. I would not have made it through the day if it wasn’t for all of their love and support. Thanks to all of them for supporting me. 



Thanks to all of the teachers who have been a part of my teaching journey. To those who have supported me through the toughest teacher days and celebrated my biggest successes with me. Thank you so so much! 

What’s the best thing a teacher friend has done for you? Let me know in the comments below. How do you uplift your teacher friends? Teacher friends are just the greatest!


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