Five Joyful Things

Five Joyful Things

On my personal/travel blog, I have a series entitled seven joyful things. Each day I jot down something that brought me joy and I post it on Saturdays. I’m going to being the same series on my teacher blog entitled Five Joyful Things. Each week I will post five joyful moments from my week. I encourage you to reflect on the teaching moments that brought you joy this week.

Find Joy in the Ordinary

MONDAY: A student looked at me and said, “I need you to take down this anchor chart. I’m teaching ___ how to use a word he knows to spell a new word.” I took down the chart and the most beautiful teaching and learning between students occurred.

TUESDAY: A student from last year came up to show me her “who runs the world, girls” shirt at recess. She knows my love for Beyonce.

WEDNESDAY: Reading a powerful book that touches your heart and your students. We read the story We’re All Wonders by R.J. Palacio.

THURSDAY: Having a hilarious moment with your students where you all end up laughing too hard. Isn’t this what teaching is really about?

FRIDAY: 15 minutes of extra recess just because.

What brought joy to your teacher life this week?


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