Bon Voyage! I Have An International Teaching Job

Bon Voyage! I Have An International Teaching Job

In 2010 I studied abroad in Valencia, Spain. The experience was so rewarding that I knew it would not be my last time going abroad. When I first started teaching I knew I needed to go back abroad to teach and so I set myself with a timeline. I want to teach abroad by the time I am 25. During my first 3 years teaching the idea of teaching internationally seemed so distant. At times it felt like it was completely unrealistic. After a job change, I realized it was closer than I thought and now that moment is here! While I am 26 now soon to be 27 I still have made my dreams come true! I could not be more excited about it.

Next year I will be teaching internationally in Poland. I am excited and nervous but I feel ready. It feels like the right choice. As a big believer in gut instinct, I think I am making a great choice. Get ready for some interesting and informative blog posts in the coming school year about international teaching!


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