Weekly Wisdom

Weekly Wisdom

Welcome to a new year and a new weekly wisdom. Last year weekly wisdom focused more on inspiration than best practice. One of my goals this year is to inspire reflection through the weekly wisdom series.

Each week there will be a quote by a guru in the education world. After each quote will be a prompt to reflect on your teaching practices and take on the challenge or sentiment offered by the Weekly Wisdom. Please use the comments section to reflect on your teaching practices and interact with others looking to grow as educators!

Lucy Calkins, what a woman! She is going to be featured frequently in the Weekly Wisdom series. How do you listen to your students? Are you actively engaged in listening or do you notice yourself fake listening a lot?

Recently I noticed that when kids were talking my hands were busy and my brain was somewhere else. Before break I worked to ensure that when I student was talking I was looking him in the eyes. I wasn’t busy. I was focused and I was actively listening. If I couldn’t listen in the moment I came back to them at a time when I could be focused and in the moment. Kids deserve a teacher who listens to what they have to say and respects them as individuals.

Thoughts? I would love to hear them!


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