About Me

Welcome to the blog! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy teacher life to read my blog.
Here’s a little bit about me, Natasha Theodora, the blogger behind Ms. Natasha Theodora.

I am a current grade 1 teacher at a school in Poland. Before teaching grade 1, I taught grades 2 and 3. I have also been a math curriculum leader, math interventionist and reading interventionist. I have had the opportunity to work with amazing mentors throughout my career and now I am bringing all of my knowledge here to share with you. On this blog you will find information about comprehensive literacy, best teaching practices in math, stories from the classroom and a love for teaching.

I Believe...

The right teacher can change the world one student at a time

Kids come to school ready to learn

Professional development is essential 

Subjects and content should no longer be taught in isolation

Teachers can learn a great deal from talking and interacting with each other

Books bring people together 

Everyone is a learner 

I Like..



Reading lots of professional texts

Connecting with teachers


Talking about literacy

Drinking coffee


Professional Development

Traveling the world

Heart to heart conversations

Creating a love of books in students 

Buying books

I Dislike...

Uneducated opinions being voiced very loudly (and taken as informed opinions)

Excluding people 


Forced collaboration


Judgmental people

Dirty snow

Not upgrading teaching practices 

Unkind actions


Mornings without coffee

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